eOfficeWare (eow) is a multi-user, web-based groupware suite developed using PHP. Currently available modules include: bulletin, calendar, doc, project, customer, web, course, and users. It is module based and it's easy to develop more modules.


  • Bulletin: used to publish announcements an news to all users or some users.
  • Calendar: include appointments, tasks, and notes, which could be shared among users or assigned to other users.
  • Documents: all documents. It looks like a web disk.
  • Project: the projects may be referenced by calendar events, documents, and customers.
  • Customer: the customers may be referenced by calendar events, documents, and projects.
  • Web site: it works together with a web portal to setup a web site for public access.
  • Users management: users, groups, and roles management.

Live demo

  • Default account: admin
  • Password: blank

The best way to try live demo is to login as an Admin first to create two user accounts. And then login use these two accounts separately. In this way, you may experience the cooperation between the two users. Note: Before you can access the system, you might have to set the ACL (access control list) for the users.

Project information

At https://sourceforge.net/projects/eow/


Click here to download it from SourceForge

Current release

eow-0.9.1 on 2005-02-23

Install Guide

(1) Requirements

Operation system: It is OS independent and could be installed on Unix, Linux, FreeBSD, Windows system.


  • Apache: 1.3.29 or above.
  • PHP: 4.3.4 or above. You should add --with-mcrypt when compile php under Unix environments.
  • MySQL: 4.0.17 or above. It supports MySQL only. 

It might work well in previous version of apache, php, and MySQL. However the author have tested it in such environment in FreeBSD and Windows 2000 only.

(2) Install

Download the latest release of eOfficeWare from https://sourceforge.net/projects/eow/

Untar the package eow-x.x.x.tar.gz to the root directory of a web site. There will be a directory called eow.

(3) Configuration

Read file _install.txt in the package.

(4) Testing

Open your browser and type, then you will enjoy it.

  • Default account: admin
  • Password: blank
  • Note: If you didn't install libmcrypt, you might get an error message. Just edit eowconfig.inc.php file and change $_cfg['NoCrypt'] = 1; That's will be ok but you could not encrypt your hyperlinks (URLs). For safety reason, please install libmcrypt.

Release Notes

This is still alpha release of eOfficeWare. After big changes in the database structure and the codes, this version is much better than previous version. It is for testing. NOT recommend for office use at present.

Change Log

2005-02-23 eow-0.9.1 (alpha version)
1. Change database structure
2. Rewrote most of the codes

2004-12-30 eow-0.9.01 (alpha version)
First release.


eOfficeWare is open source software and is protected by GNU General Public License.

* Copyright (c) by Huang Neng Geng (2001-2004). All Rights Reserved.
* web site: http://eow.sourceforge.net
* email: huangng@users.sourceforge.net, huangng@yahoo.com

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